Oravida Natural Mineral Water
A Natural Gift from New Zealand

Oravida Natural Mineral Water originates from the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand, one of the world's premium water sources. Antarctic glaciers turned into rain after 1800 years, and the rain turned into this purity after another 50 years of natural baptism, hidden 1000 feet deep underground. The water contains a moderate amount of beneficial minerals and trace elements and has undergone strict water safety monitoring by authoritative agencies. In the fast-paced urban life, Oravida infuses you with the endless power of New Zealand nature, giving you vitality and health.

Oravida Pasteurized Fresh Milk
The World's Prime Milk Source – New Zealand

Oravida Pasteurized Fresh Milk is sourced from Waikato Farm, a prime milk source in New Zealand's North Island, with the free-range basis of only 1 cow being raised on 5mu land (0.35 acres). The milk produced does not contain antibiotics, hormones, or additives, with a faint fragrance of grass. With low-temp pasteurization technology, it only takes a few hours from milking to bottling in our own processing plant, and then the milk is airlifted from New Zealand to China as cool cargo within 48 hours, giving you the peace of mind that comes from the natural, fresh and flavorful taste of raw milk.

Oravida New Zealand Yogurt
Thick And Creamy

Oravida New Zealand Yogurt is made from fresh milk sourced from Waikato Farm, the prime milk source on the North Island of New Zealand. The thick texture is created the traditional whey filtering process, rich in 3 times the protein but only half the fat, and the taste is as mellow as cream. The innovative introduction of four types of active lactic acid bacteria helps maintain the balance of intestinal flora. The yogurt packaging was designed by a famous Norwegian illustration artist inspired by "daydreams". Along with the thick taste of Oravida yogurt, we can roam together in a quiet daydream.

Oravida New Zealand Ice Cream
Here Is A Sweet Treat

Oravida Ice Cream is made of fresh milk from New Zealand. It uses traditional techniques to make the ice cream fluffy, soft, pure, and milky. There are a variety of flavors to choose from, including the popular vanilla (Gold medal in New Zealand Ice Cream Awards), matcha, chocolate, as well as unique flavors such as berry and latte. They allow you to enjoy the refreshment from New Zealand and stop your busy schedule for a sweet treat.

New Zealand National Treasure Honey

Oravida Manuka Honey is sourced from ancient and pristine Manuka trees in New Zealand, located in the remote and pristine bushland of the North Island, which is sparsely populated with pure soil. The Manuka tree is considered a premium honey source in New Zealand and the world, especially because of its unique UMF active ingredient. Oravida is a member of the authoritative Manuka Honey Association (UMFHA). The bottle has the official UMF mark and independent Batch number, which can be traced back to the laboratory test report. Enjoy the purity and beauty of New Zealand with Oravida Manuka Honey.