Oravida Manuka Honey

Specification: 250g
Unique Manuka Factor Content: 6+ / 10+ / 15+ / 20+

Oravida Manuka Honey is sourced from ancient and pristine Manuka trees in New Zealand, located in the remote and pristine bushland of the North Island, which is sparsely populated with pure soil. The Manuka tree is considered a premium honey source in New Zealand and the world, especially because of its unique UMF active ingredient. Oravida is a member of the authoritative Manuka Honey Association (UMFHA). The bottle has the official UMF mark and independent Batch number, which can be traced back to the laboratory test report. Enjoy the purity and beauty of New Zealand with Oravida Manuka Honey.

Multifloral Honey

Specification: 500g

Bursting with the flavors of New Zealand, Oravida Multi-Floral Honey is a unique blend produced from the country’s wildflowers and rolling pastures. With a creamy, thick texture and rich floral aroma, this truly is a natural infusion of 100% pure New Zealand honeys.