As a brand from New Zealand, Oravida upholds New Zealand people's respect and protection of nature, and always adheres to a sustainable development strategy. Oravida natural mineral water insists on packaging in bottles, aluminum foil bags and cartons, and avoids the use of plastic products as much as possible. Our ultimate goal is to protect the environment and reduce pollution to the earth. Oravida brings New Zealand and pure products and lifestyles, fulfilling its mission of nourishing people’s health and happiness.

Producing just 0.2% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, New Zealand was one of the first countries to pledge a carbon-neutral future. A number of companies have already achieved carboNZero certification, and we are working toward the goal.Oravida use recyclable materials for packaging, such as glass; We use simple packaging to reduce carbon emissions.

Dairy farming in New Zealand is different to the rest of the world because the cows are free range and grass fed. In the rest of the world cows are kept in sheds and are fed grains and other crops. Hormones are not used in dairy farming in New Zealand. All milk in New Zealand is tested to make sure it is free of anti-biotics. NZ is also Nuclear Free and GMO free.