Brand Center

A place to just be
The Oravida brand center embodies everything we believe in:
The purity of New Zealand nature, personal wellbeing and peace of mind.
Step inside and take a moment to
Just Be.

1st Floor:Inhale

Feel Everything
Refresh your body and mind with stories and experiences from Oravida's natural world. This floor invites you to fill your senses with the goodness of New Zealand.

The Entrance: The Solitary Wanaka Tree

Pause in the natural calm of New Zealand. Here at the entrance of Oravida House is our Wanaka Tree.
This beautiful New Zealand willow tree sits alone in the Wanaka lake, inviting us to share its tranquility.

Water Garden

In this area and let the viewer be immersed by the power of the water states and new dimsions of calm. Feel Nourish, Reflect, Dream, Calm 

The Boutique Shop

Step into the Glasshouse. A modern sanctuary bringing people together. The Glasshouse has a handpicked selection and a range of our nourishing Oravida products.

180 Degrees Of Bliss

Surround yourself with the lush purple lupin flower fields which inspired by Oravida’s birthplace New Zealand.Sit back and take in the sensory feast of movement and color from the natural world of New Zealand on 180 degrees of Ultra HD screens.

2nd Floor:Exhale

The 2nd floor is a space for contemplation designed to feel nothing, to exhale and let go.

The Gallery

The Gallery invites us to explore the beauty of the artistic expression. The open space showcases both established and emerging artists alongside a program of pioneering multimedia commissions, performances and music.

The Yoga Space

Experience the relaxing and meditative benefits of yoga in our spacious and airy yoga room. We will invite expert yoga trainers to share their practice.

The Tea Room

The tearoom is tucked inside the airy courtyard of the Oravida House. Unwind with a soothing cup of tea served by our expert tea master using Oravida Artesian water from New Zealand.

The Reading Room/reflection Retreat

Immerse yourself in literature on wellness and New Zealand in this curiously reading space. It is also a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city for quiet reflection and meditation.